Sunday, March 24, 2019


Semantics on the Era of Excess Nonsense

The self-described “eco-fascist” killer in New Zealand who admires the Chinese communist government, “...shares views with Donald Trump and American conservatives.”

Photos of children and teenagers separated by chain link partitions during Obama’s administration represent, “Trumps policy of ripping children from their mothers arms and putting them in cages.”

People who have snuck into America or overstayed their visas, thus breaking the laws common to all countries are — wait for it — ...”immigrants.”

Teenage members of violent gangs are, “children looking for a better life...and, of course, immigrants”

Unassimilated people who hate the United States but live off of its abundance are, “contributing to our society.”

Attempting to introduce sound policies to enhance America’s economic vitality is... ”racism.”

Killing babies on the verge of birth is, “women’s healthcare.”

Seizing people’s money to pay for a massive partisan bureaucracy (and distributing scraps to some poorer citizens) is, “government compassion and altruism.”

Taking money from someone who was never a slaveowner and giving it to someone who was never a slave is, “reparations”

Shutting down the American economy and putting millions out of work is, “saving the Earth from its demise in...twelve years.”

Pursuing one’s personal goals so as to improve the life conditions of one’s self and one’s family is... selfishness and, ...”racism.”

Wanting an elementary school child to be aware of the obvious fact that there are two genders and that most humans bond as male/female pairs is, “homophobia.”

Winning an election is, “stealing an election...and collusion.”

Expecting a common ID to be shown to verify that one is a citizen and eligible for voting is, “depriving citizens their voting rights.”

Expressing one’s belief in limited government, economic advancement, and stable traditional values on a social media platform is, “spreading hate.”

...and, it goes on and on.

Coming soon to a Western constitutional republic near you:

“War is Peace” “Freedom is Slavery” “Ignorance is strength”

...’Just so ya know

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Widely Held Beliefs in an Exaggerated Form

I was fortunate enough to have had a college history professor who was incredibly insightful (unlike so many in academia who offer no insight at all beyond the whining rap sessions regularly held in high school classrooms). Among his many profound references was a quote (from who I don’t recall) stating that, “Extremist behavior represents widely held beliefs in an exaggerated form” — definitely.

So it is that we can accurately note that “not all Muslims are terrorists” yet also accurately note that a large number of Muslims believe that death is an appropriate punishment for apostasy, and other favorites of those who demand that Sariah law rule over all humanity. In the enclaves of a kinder gentler Islam there are people who sincerely believe that a world ruled under Islam would be an ideal world. Can we say they are mouthpieces of Islamic terror? Of course not. And, so it is with so many beliefs that are tarred with guilt by association. Indeed, the nut cases of the world often hold some views common to large numbers of decent people. Hitler liked dogs and was a vegetarian. Should we cower in fear of the strident health nut who tells us that we should be eating more tofu? Is there a warranted fear that someone with a German Shepherd may have his sights on Poland and plans to embark upon mass-genocide?

Extremists in New Zealand murdered — slaughtered — innocent victims attending mosques. Responses from the public and media are predictable. Many responded in horror and sadness — obviously appropriate. Many began the usual attempt to milk a tragedy, to associate the killers with every garden variety right-of-center belief. You hold the widely held belief that chaotic bureau-orchestrated “immigration” is a bad thing for advanced democratic nations? You may as well have pulled the trigger in New Zealand. Or so is the view of some.

The killer’s manifesto names people on the mundane right, like Candace Owen and of course Donald Trump. In so doing, the killer clearly shares the view that radically different belief system and cultural standards wantonly imposed on developed countries has some negative repercussions. As it turns out, a thorough reading of the killer’s manifesto shows him to be — obviously — an extremist. Along with his hatred for Islamic immigration is a subtle dose of admiration for corporatist / communist systems (China specifically). If anyone has ever read klansman David Duke’s ideals it is clear that he also is no champion of the free market or libertarian belief but the media goes out of its way seeking to tie the hateful and violent to the most common conservative beliefs.

President Trump has, of course, already been asked about the increase of “White Nationalism” (as if that were an undisputed fact in current affairs). Trump answered undramatically that he viewed it as the actions of a small group of people who have problems. He added that he didn’t have a lot of information yet — wrong answer! If you’re Trump, there is no right answer aside from admitting that you (Trump) are a racist and helped set the circumstances of such a horrible event. The fake establishment media is now beyond predictable. While it’s clear that acts of terrorism are not just driven by sects of Muslim fanaticism, it’s a bit early to conjure images of weekly terror acts by “White Nationalists.” That doesn’t mean that we’re not heading in that direction. There’s no justification for acts of terror against innocents toward anyone, by anyone. With that clearly understood one can see that pockets of resentment in the west are reaching the snapping point.

Islamic fanaticism is often described as stemming from the frustration of living in dysfunctional societies and suffering the legacy of western colonialism and interventions. It could be noted, with at least some similar legitimacy, that many in the west are sick of globalist bureau-schemers shoving their “multicultural” dystopias on citizens. We can reasonably expect that the crazy ones among the frustrated and resentful will no longer be compliant.

Now the real nonsense begins; along with legitimate calls for prayer and sympathy for the victim’s of the terrorist act in New Zealand, comes the demands that anyone not in lockstep with open-border policies and the left’s agendas in general must now not only apologize for something they have no relation to, but — the usual demand — to simply shut up and not resist what “leaders” have determined is best for them.

The Bureau-masters of the universe aren’t paying attention. Mass-migration will continue to be actively facilitated by the global planning elite. Crime will continue to rise in formerly placid nations, terror incidents will continue to occur by radical ideologues across the belief spectrum. And, of course, innocent people will be killed. If evil actions are committed by a favored group, media outlets will sweep the incidents under the carpet and calls will continue to be made to punish those who bring such incidents to public attention.

Nothing in these tragedies is cause for sober-minded people to shut up about or stop advocating for sane policies in the framework of democratic society.

The guy who tried to kill Republican congressional members playing baseball two years ago shared some views with Bernie Sanders. The recent terrorist in New Zealand shared some views with western conservatives and...Hitler liked dogs. I like dogs. ...So what?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


The “Revolution” that’s not even a Little “Revolutionary”

It’s become quite common lately to read of younger demographic groups favoring socialism over capitalism. A recent opinion poll that really concerned me noted that one of these younger groups would prefer to “live under socialism.” Well ain’t that great. A bunch of compliant drones willing to serve the rest of us up to the hungry bureau kings. Where do these clueless clowns think their iPhones, skinny lattes, and abundant low cost food came from, the bureau of leisure pleasures and subsistence?

We can cut some of the less than erudite lemmings some slack because, after all, they are young. Youth usually comes around to saner appraisals of the human condition after it is no longer “youth.” The problem in this instance is that a significant structural bad move on a generation’s part can put us all firmly in the clutches of the Jacobin rabble and once that happens there is no turning back to bourgeoisie luxuries like...iPhones, lattes,...and food. People in Caracas are sorely wanting for coffee breaks...or electricity, or food and medicine. Amazing how the “guarantee of basic needs” for everyone can morph so quickly into the loss of fulfillment of needs for everyone (but the political party running the circus without bread).

On the surface it would seem like right wing hyperbole to suggest that the course American left wing Democrats are now on is in any way akin to the death march of revolution in contemporary Venezuela or elsewhere. In fact, it has become apparent that the only thing now separating America’s Democrat leadership and the socialist basket-cases of history is the amount of power at their disposal. Before 1789, the average French revolutionary seldom wore the public image of statist violence. Both Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez initially insisted that they were not communist and claimed to be seeking a relatively moderate path to democratic society. How things — predictably — change.

In appraising the psychological temperament of radicals, there is no doubt in my mind that the emerging crop of far-leftists in America’s Democrat party would be more than comfortable using the power of state as purveyor of official violence and repression once they were afforded the power to do so. There are now regularly cases where prominent spokespersons for the “progressive” cause suggest imprisonment for “crimes” like questioning global warming or expressing opposition to a massive influx of unvetted migrants. One can speculate as to just what percent of Democrats today would support executing the current president for _____ (choose your complaint of the day).

The current president and others have regularly noted Venezuela as a classic expression of socialism. While there are varieties of style in the collectivist cause, the socialist temperament and course of action is rather consistent.

The French Revolution is the ultimate template for the nonsense perennially erupting among a public acting as an irrational mass instead of on the considered actions of individuals. There were certainly similar events in human history before the great French example (e.g. Savonarola’s theocratic Florence) but revolutions after the French one of 1789 were marked by a consistency that is hard to ignore - in one way or another they are leftist revolutions. Even the Nazi example, in spite of extreme racism, militarism, and nationalism, was an attempt to construct a new economic and social order that served collectivist ends. Whether it be “the working class,” “the oppressed,” or the “German Volk Geist” (spirit of the German people), the self-described revolutionary despises the individual, free choice in one’s affairs, and the institutions that support individual freedom — capitalism, and constitutional republican government.

The “revolution” in Venezuela was/is a text-book case of “socialist revolution.” Venezuela is the current clear example of “revolutionary” nonsense in practice. In specifics it clearly follows the Cuban model but it is still closely aligned with the other revolutions that have occurred in the modern era.

The “revolution” begins with talk of wanting to help the downtrodden and “oppressed” by making “the rich pay their fair share.” The state begins to filter huge sums of money into their own coffers and the socialist bureaucracy. As their need and desire for more money expands, they begin a necessary increase in the tax burden on everyone and begin printing inflated currency to pay for their programs and corruptions. Eventually, sacrifices are demanded from the population and steady declines in living standards are blamed on the evil capitalists who seek to undermine “the revolution.” In the mean time — like the Democrats today — they begin a hard core assault on their opposition. Using the courts, bureaucracy, a contrived inflation of their voting blocks, and help from media and cultural venues (entertainment), they marginalize and eventually criminalize anyone who questions the nobility of their program. As the “revolution” progresses, the demanded allegiance and energy becomes completely devoted to “the revolution” and its leaders in spite of numerous practical failings. The means (“revolution”) becomes more important than the ends (a successful and prosperous lifestyle). The country can be spiraled down into hell and still the leaders (who by now have become full-blown tyrants) devote all the resources of state into preserving their authoritarian system. If they can (they usually do) enrich themselves in the process, they will do so. Hugo Chaves’s daughter is a billionaire from a country now devastated into absolute destitution.

The new clowns of the Democomm party in America fit perfectly into this very consistent historical pattern. One can listen to what any of them say daily, watch their statements and actions in committees, hear their rabid speech on news analysis programs, watch them assault people wearing the wrong hats, or screaming at people in public places.

At sometime during a leftist coup de'etat, the revolutionary — ultimately being pathological — begins to perceive everything through the psychological malady of projection. Anyone who doesn’t sign on to the program is seen as being “full of hate, “racist,” and “authoritarian.” To guide the meme along, every inept policy and action is painted as a defense in support of a conjured victim status. This then naturally requires an expanded list of victims which come to include almost everyone other than a well-defined enemy to play against — capitalism, the patriarchy, light-skinned people of European decent, or sometimes simply those who are, “full of hate.” ...On the “good side” — “the people.”

The sentiments now so aggressively supported by today’s Democrat are not about social welfare expenditures in Denmark and Sweden. They’re about the perennially revived urge to impose autocratic will upon a populous of sheep.

It should be apparent that even the common American leftist politician, once assuming enhanced authority, would DEFINITELY run gulags and mass-executions when their “revolutions” were along enough.

Not really all that “progressive” ...or “revolutionary.”

Friday, March 08, 2019


The left is like an illegal “immigrant.” Once they get their foot in the door, they demand to be permanent residents.

Monday, March 04, 2019


Social - ist “Credit”

It’s no secret by now to anyone informed of world events that China is in the process of developing further it’s “social credit system.” No doubt several western governments will not be far behind in the concept of rating people’s behavior as a standard in which to allow basic transactions and existence.

The Chinese system that notes minor infractions like Jay-walking also records the crime-of-all-crimes in China, lack of obedience and adoration for the Communist party. Any criticism of the glorious socialist/communist state can destroy one’s life. Of course this is an improvement over the mass-arrests and executions that mark the early stages of a “socialist revolution.” No doubt many western college campuses will be eager to adopt such a system....”MAGA hat? — no public transportation for you.”

Imagine the absurdity of it. One can be subject to financial ruin, confined to their city, unable to advance in education or career. And why? spoke badly of the supreme lord of purity — China’s leftist power center. This is the overarching mentality that is defended and promoted across American college campuses, its entertainment venues, and now, in the platforms of presidential candidates. What used to be mere “PC,” earning a mocking eye-roll can now result in physical harm or serious disruption of one’s livelihood. Socialism is what it has always been, a means for controlling a society’s citizens. Free thought and criticism is simply not allowed.

One can’t be sure as to how this ”social credit system” will ultimately play out but, if one were to honestly track its development, you can be sure that among the literally millions of people negatively affected, a number of them will commit suicide, some will go on to perform genuine criminal acts born of frustration (e.g. theft, assault), and as is typical in any socialist system, many will simply not be afforded the chance to reach their full potential to benefit their lives and society at large. How many inventors, artists, medical innovators, and captains of industry will cease to manifest their natural talents, cease to create businesses and hire others, and cease to contribute to a thriving society.

Already, China is notorious for stealing intellectual property and technology. Like every socialist system, functioning like high cholesterol in a social circulatory system, the dynamism of human creativity is clogged in its tracks by the dogma of an elite power center. Free-wheeling progress, dynamism, and creativity can barley breathe in such a system.

As of this writing, 23 million Chinese citizens have been banned from travel — seriously! I don’t mean to diminish the quality of my writing but...what assholes! Just the economic repercussions of such bureau-authoritarianism is absurd! That’s a lot of money taken out of circulation. The fact that so many large companies in China are ultimately owned by the Communist party one would think that some practical sanity would override the dogmatism that drives most socialist enterprises.

On a positive note, how many millions of already pissed-off Chinese citizens will be further inspired to despise the princes that unjustly rule over them?

The party has the technology and apparatus of state to lord over their relatively compliant population but the human spirit is not yet fully crushed. Even the stupidity of the boot-licking class will have to one day confront the primal urge of most men and women to live freely.

...Time for counter-“revolution.”

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